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  • Dec142018
    80 lower gun control

    Gun Control Groups Already Claiming 2018 a HUGE Success

    According to a new Washington Post article, the gun control group, Everytown is claiming that 2018 was a very successful year. Mainly due to the amount of candidates for new gun control measures that were elected into office.

    “I think this was the year of gun safety and I think what’s so noteworthy is that Americans have now realized gun safety isn’t a right or left issue, but it’s a life or death issue,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown. “I think they showed that in the fact that voters sent a message at the midterms to their elected leaders, and the message boils down to: Pass laws to keep us safe.”

    No one wants to live in fear. Also, no one wants to have their guns taken away or regulated. It is important to stay up-to-date on legislation in your state, but also what is happening with legislation locally. No matter where you stand, make sure you are participating in the process and educated on what could happen to the firearms you own, or the firearms or gear you plan to own.

    Us here at AMT want to keep everyone informed on what’s going on with 80 lowers, uppers, and jigs. So we’ll keep you all up to date as things arise.

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  • Nov082018
    washington state gun control

    Washington State Passes Stricter Gun Control Laws

    Last Tuesday, the voters in Washington state passed sweeping gun control measures which included: measures to increase the age limit to buy a pistol or semi-automatic assault rifle from 18 to 21. The state also imposes a 10-day waiting period for purchases and increases background checks.

    What this means for the future of gun control is uncertain. With Democrats now controlling the House, gun control issues will most certainly be back in the spotlight. There is no impact on 80 lowers at the moment. We will keep you posted as more information comes up.

    Check out the article for more details

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  • Oct262018
    gun voting rights

    Oregon County Elections Includes 2nd Amendment ballot issues

    It is incredibly important that you, as 2nd Amendment supports and gun owners, are aware of issues that may be on the November ballot that impact your 2nd amendment rights. That can even include issues on the county level, like you see with bills on the ballot in 10 Oregon counties. Check out the article below. Do your research so you can protect yourself and your family!

    2nd Amendment Issues on Oregon County Ballots


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  • Oct092018
    guns and money american made tactical

    Big Bucks Pouring Into Anti-2A Midterm Advertising

    There’s nothing shocking about the fact that gun control groups are coming in hot and heavy with funding for the mid term elections. As this article from Guns Magazine explains, the political action arm from Michael Bloomberg, “Everytown for Gun Safetfy,” plans to dump $8-$10 million dollars into 4 key states. All for democratic candidates. Those states are Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and New Mexico.


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  • Oct042018
    chris murphy anti-2a

    Dems Attempt Joint Fundraising Effort for Gun Control

    A group of democrats have a goal of raising 1 million dollars in one day by tapping into email lists of top democrats including Hillary Clinton. The plan is to then split the money among anti-2A politicians.

    Just another way the 2nd amendment is constantly under attack. Rather then looking at other issues such as mental health, socio-economic status’ and more, there is the attempt to find the, no pun intended, magic bullet, that will solve gun violence. As we know, this will never happen, no matter the amount of money they spend.

    Read full article about the Anti-2A fundraising initiative.

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