Which is better, buying an AR-15 or having one built?

The age old question, “should I build my own AR-15 or should I buy one fully assembled?” Well, if you’re a beginner, you’re definitely better off buying your own AR, figuring out how it works, how to assemble and disassemble the rifle, and how to clean it. Next, you should shoot as many different AR-15 rifles as you can, then you’ll know exactly what kind of AR-15 you want to build (will also give you time to save your money, because a custom rifle can get costly!).

Start small, purchasing your own AR-15 rifle can give you the experience and knowledge you need to build your own, or have someone else build a custom rifle for you. It is far easier to simply purchase an AR of your choice as opposed to having one built for you. 

There is no doubt as you become a more experienced shooter and try more styles of AR’s, you’ll want customizations to your rifle that you might take from others you have shot. Talking to your local shop expert can provide you a wealth of knowledge in building your own AR.

Building your own AR-15 allows you to customize everything, from the lower (a complete or 80% lower receiver), to your sites, barrel, and everything in between. Again, it is best to try as many different styles of AR-15 as you can, this will let you know how you want to build your rifle. Of course, the internet, and YouTube in particular, can be tremendous resources for you to research. 

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