Proposed Gun Law to Ban Sale of Firearm Components Without a Serial Number

American Made Tactical, a leading manufacturer of firearm components such as 80 lower receivers, uppers and jig kits for AR-10 and AR-15 guns, may be required to make changes to its products following the potential passing of a new firearm regulation.  

This proposed law, set forth by The Justice Department, aims to push back against the sale of unregistered firearms. To do so, specific gun parts will now be required to include a serial number at sale. Additionally, gun sellers must run full background checks before they can sell any kits with these types of parts. This specifically targets components that can be used to build a firearm to limit the number of untraceable “ghost guns” without serial numbers in circulation.  

At American Made Tactical, all current products do not include a serial number. This is because the Gun Control Act of 1968 has allowed the sale of firearm parts, even if they don’t have a serial number, as long as these components were only used to build a gun for home/personal use. If any of these parts were used to manufacture a gun for sale without a serial number, these products would not be made available to the public. The new law will disregard these current regulations and require a serial number be added to an 80 lower or upper, even if it’s for personal use. 

Firearm enthusiasts must decide if they should purchase their components before any final decision has been made and the law passes. Otherwise, building a gun for private use could become more difficult as individuals may have to apply for a Federal Firearms License (FFL) or pass a background check to obtain a new, registered part.  

Regardless of the direction that legislators take, firearm owners can take advantage of the selection of high-quality parts sold at American Made Tactical. With raw American-made steel and 7075 T6 military-grade aluminum materials that are sourced from excellent suppliers in the United States, customers can trust in the heavy-duty reliability of all parts sold by AMT. Plus, these components undergo various levels of precise manufacturing, from the concept to the final development. With a selection of valuable firearm parts, a friendly customer service department to resolve any issues and resources and other blog articles to educate customers, is the premier destination for customized firearm components.

4 thoughts on “Proposed Gun Law to Ban Sale of Firearm Components Without a Serial Number

  1. John says:

    We must not allow these freedom hating Democrats outlaw being an American! My family stands with you and all of our fellow freedom loving firearm enthusiasts, whether they be manufacturers, hobbyists, or hunters. Count on us to stand tall by your side and make sure our voices are heard and put a stop to the whittling away of our rights!

    • Terry Wilson says:

      We all appreciate all that you can do to protect Americans enjoy their rights. I’m curious of what ‘specific parts’ you speak of when saying the government may impose serial numbers on. I’m sure the 80% lowers will be targeted, whoever, I wonder what other specific parts you feel they may target.

  2. Calvin Covington says:

    We are so blessed to have your company have our backs , All of our family and friends were only purchased from you guys.
    Thank you guys for everything you do and make

  3. John A Bird says:

    Our Constitution and Bill of Rights give us the right to bear arms. Tyrannical politicians are doing their best to take those rights away. Treason and tyrants use to be hung, if necessary they should be removed by any means necessary. When purchasing parts to complete your weapon, it may be your only safeguard against these tyrants.

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