How to Legally Finish an 80% Lower in CA

So you love finishing 80 lowers, but live in California? That’s a tough break for you. Just kidding, there are still ways you can finish as many 80 lowers as you want. Only issue is that you have a lot more rules and regulations around your 80 lowers, thanks to your state government, than every state in the rest of the country.

As always, we have to preface this with the fact that we are not lawyers, we do not work for the ATF, do not take this as legal advice.

If you were lucky enough to jig your 80 lower before July 1st, 2018, good news, you’re in the clear. However, if you completed an 80 lower AFTER July 1st, 2018, you have a little more work to do. Our first suggestion is to get on your state’s website to read through the details. But first, you must apply to the California DOJ for a serial number. This requires the necessary paperwork AND fee. The state of California will then assign you a serial number that you are REQUIRED to put onto your lower. You cannot choose your own, you must use what the government provides.
Failing to follow all of the necessary California state gun regulations properly could potentially result in penalty from the state. Again, refer to the proper state regulations via their website in regards to legally finishing your 80% lower receiver.

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