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80 Lower Products

If you’re searching for 80 lower receivers for your rifle, you’ve come to the right place. From anodized forged 80% lower AR-15 receivers to AR-10 80 percent lower receivers, our selection of raw and anodized billet or forged lowers are produced in-house with the utmost precision to ensure nothing but high performance. Each 80 percent lower receiver in our inventory is available at fair, affordable prices to offer the best value to each of our customers. And, some 80 lower receivers can be further modified with a fire/safe engraving option for even more personalization.

At American Made Tactical, we strive to produce and sell one-of-a-kind firearms components and accessories. Customer service and satisfaction are two of our main priorities, so we utilize CNC machining and our expertise to create innovative products. You won’t find a better selection of high-quality 80 lower receivers elsewhere. Browse our inventory below and order now.

About American Made Tactical 80% Lower Receivers

AMT 80% lower receivers are manufactured right here in the USA. Every lower we make is made from 7075 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum. We want our lowers to withstand the toughest tests and to stand the tests of time, either in the field or out on the range. We constantly test and build our own AR’s using our lowers so we ensure we’re delivering a quality product to the customer, every time!

We sell Anodized and Raw options of our 80 lowers. Anodized lowers are the “classic black” option, most common on all AR builds. The raw option is un-finished, so it is the “raw” aluminum. The raw 80% allows builders to customize any type of paint they want. Want OD green? Tie-die? Pink? The raw lower is the right option for you!

We pride ourselves on our product. Part of ensuring the quality of our product is our machining accuracy. And we guarantee our machine accuracy is within one thousandth of an inch (+/- 0.001). Our lowers are also 100% MIL-SPEC. We also sell AR-15 and AR-10 billet lowers that feature an integrated trigger guard, or you can choose a forged lower to add a custom trigger guard. Our lowers also feature a broached magwell (NOT machined like our competitors).

Finally, for those customers looking to get together with a few buddies to drink a few beers and finish some lower. Or customers looking for a good family project, we offer 1, 3, 5, and 10 pack combo options. We’ve even included combo options with a jig kit so you can purchase everything you need to finish up to ten lower receivers. Our jig kits include everything you need, wall plates, four top plates, and hardware.

Our AR-15 anodized and raw upper receivers feature a reinforced wall design for added strength, dust cover port, shell deflector, forward assist (but no bolt), and are the perfect match for any of our AR-15 lower receivers.

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How do you complete an 80 percent lower?

Due to recent legal restrictions, instructions are no longer available. Check with your local and/or state laws for the latest on completing 80% lower receivers.

What is an 80% Lower?

Well, the term commonly refers to an AR-15 lower receiver which has only been partially milled by the manufacturer so that it does not meet the definition of a firearm according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (aka ATF). However, it should be noted that the figure 80% is not necessarily indicative of the amount of milling and drilling required to make the receiver fully functional.

Instead, when you purchase an 80% lower receiver, most of the milling work has already been done by the manufacturer. Thus, usually all that is required of the shooter is to use a jig and a router to finish milling the interior of the receiver.

What You Need to Mill an 80% lower

Because most of the milling and drilling on a lower receiver is done by the manufacturer, completing the process of milling and drilling the interior of the receiver is actually a relatively simple procedure that most any shooter can complete at home. Generally all a shooter needs to finish milling an 80% lower is a milling jig kit and a milling tool kit such as those offered by American Made Tactical, a vise, a router, manual mill, CNC mill, electric drill or a table top or standing drill press.

Do I need an FFL or to register my 80 Lower?

You DO NOT need an FFL to purchase an 80% lower receiver. Based on the GUN CONTROL ACT OF 1968, it is legal to build a firearm for personal use. This includes lower receivers, which are not classified as a weapon by the ATF. However, if you wish to sell, trade or give away, your AR or 80% lower receiver you ARE REQUIRED BY LAW to register and serialize that lower or weapon.

Why choose an 80% lower receiver?

There are many reasons to choose an 80% lower. A primary reason is that is allows customers to add a fully customizable element to their AR build. Sure, the builder needs to perform the finishing touches on their lower, but that allows you total customization of your AR build. In addition, finishing one gives you more intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the AR, which will help you learn how to trouble-shoot and repair any AR. Sure, not requiring an FFL is nice, but so is telling your buddies that you built your own!

Looking for more info? Check out our blog for tons of information about AR-15 and AR-10 lowers and gear.

DISCLAIMER: The information on DOES NOT serve as legal advice or legal counsel. Each state has different laws, please, do your research. We encourage anyone reading this, or any page on to perform their own research (from reliable sources) state or federal laws that apply.


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