AR 80% Lower Receiver Packaged Deals

More lowers equals more firepower! We offer the best 80 lower and jig kit combo packs around, just read the reviews! It’s simple, the more 80 lowers you buy, the cheaper they get. We already offer some of the best deals on 80 lowers in the country, and our 1, 3, 5, and 10 pack packages get even better! Our 80 lowers are always Made in the USA on American Made equipment, using American made materials.

You can buy your 80% lower receiver raw or anodized. The raw finish is perfect for anyone looking to customize their AR build. We also offer billet and forged options. Our jig kits are compatible with American Made Tactical lower receivers. The jig kits can finish dozens of AMT lowers, if treated right. Check out our entire selection of 80% lower receivers and jig packages here. Let’s Keep America Working!

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