What tools are needed to assemble an AR-15 lower receiver?

The benefit of purchasing an 80% lower receiver is that you save on costs and have the satisfaction of fully customizing and completing your project. To make your lower receiver usable, you first must perform some milling and finishing work. 

drill press for completing lowerLucky for you, we’ve compiled a complete list of tools needed to build AR 15 lower 80% receiver. To complete your AR 15 build, you’ll need to invest in some specialty tools. Besides our AR-15 lower receiver jig kits and parts, we recommend a few tools you can find available online or in-stores. Please note that you may find that you may not use all these tools or that you’ll need additional tools in your situation. Continue reading https://americanmadetactical.com/product-category/lower-jig-kits/lower-jig-kits-ar15/below to see the necessary tools to assemble your AR15. 

To assemble your lower you’ll only need a few simple things:

  • ar jig kit exampleAR-15 lower receiver vice block (this holds the lower securely to your vice so you can work on it without damaging the finish
  • A set of punch pins of various sizes for the many small pins used in the lower parts kit
  • A bench vice
  • Hammer
  • Needle nose pliers (various sizes)
  • Firearm lubricant

If you have an AR-15 (or AR-10) 80% lower receiver and need to you’re finishing it yourself, you’ll need the list above, but prior to that, you’ll actually need to mill the receiver, aluminum cutting fluidso you’ll need:

  • A lower receiver jig kit like we sell here
  • A drill press or similar table top or handheld drill that is stabilized for milling. We recommend a drill press, which you can find at online auctions pretty cheaply. A stable, table-top drill press will also work. 
  • Aluminum machining lubricant. This will help your drill press cut through the lower aluminum much faster and will reduce friction.

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