What tools are needed to assemble an AR-15 lower receiver?

So you bought your first lower receiver, eh? To assemble your lower you’ll only need a few simple things:

  • AR-15 lower receiver vice block (this holds the lower securely to your vice so you can work on it without damaging the finish
  • A set of punch pins of various sizes for the many small pins used in the lower parts kit
  • A bench vice
  • Hammer
  • Needle nose pliers (various sizes)
  • Firearm lubricant

If you have an AR-15 (or AR-10) 80% lower receiver and need to you’re finishing it yourself, you’ll need the list above, but prior to that, you’ll actually need to mill the receiver, so you’ll need:

  • A lower receiver jig kit like we sell here
  • A drill press or similar table top or hand held drill that is stabilized for milling. We recommend a drill press, which you can find at online auctions pretty cheaply. A stable, table-top drill press will also work. 
  • Aluminum machining lubricant. This will help your drill press cut through the lower aluminum much faster and will reduce friction. 

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